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    R & D experience in two-wheeled vehicles

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    terminal shipments

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    serving user population

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  • Patents and Certificates

    We have patents ,CE, CB, RoHS, FCC, ETL, CARB, ISO 9001 and BSCI Certificates of our products.

  • Experience

    We have rich experience in OEM and ODM services.

  • Quality assurance

    100% mass production aging test, 100% material inspection, 100% functional tests.

  • Warranty services

    One-year warranty period and lifetime after-sales services

  • Support

    Regular technical information and technical training supports

Our News

  • Having better experience when you using your e-bike with WD-325

      TBIT is a professional provider of smart e-bike solutions with excellent smart products. Our r&d team has make good use of technology to r&d products to provide better service for the users. More and more people would like to install our device in their e-bikes.  Smart e-bikes of b...

  • Sharing electric scooters business is developing well in the UK(2)

    It’s obvious that sharing e-scooter business is a good chance for the entrepreneur. According to the data shown by the analysis firm Zag, there were more than 18,400 scooters available for hire in 51 urban areas in England as of mid-August, increase nearly 70% from around 11,000 at the beginning ...

  • Sharing electric scooters business is developing well in the UK(1)

    If you live in London, you may have noticed the number of electric scooters have increased on the streets in these months. The Transport for London (TFL) officially allow the merchant to start the business about sharing of electric scooters in June, with a period about one year in some areas.   T...

  • E-bikes have become more and more smart

    With the development of technology, more and more e-bike become smart. E-bikes are convnt to the people, such as in the sharing mobility, takeaway,delivery logistics and so on. The market of the e-bikes is potential, lots of brand merchant are try their best to make the e-bikes more smart. Smart...

  • Sharing mobility business in USA

    Sharing bikes/e-bikes/scooters are convenient for the users when they’re going to have mobility within 10KM. In the USA, sharing mobility business has high appreciated especially the sharing e-scooters.   Car ownership is high in USA, many people always go outside with cars if they have lon...

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Kakao Corp
" TBIT has provided customized solutions for us, which are useful,
practical and technical. Their professional team has help us to solve many problems
in the market. We are very satisfied with them.

Kakao Corp

" We cooperated with TBIT for several years, they're very professional
and high-effective. Besides, they have provide some useful advice
for us about the business.


Bolt Mobility
" I visited TBIT few years ago, it's a nice company
with a high level of technology.

Bolt Mobility

Yadea Group
" We have provided variety of vehicles for TBIT, help them to
provide mobility solutions for customers. Hundreds of merchant has run their
sharing mobility business successfully through us and TBIT.

Yadea Group