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    R & D experience in two-wheeled vehicles

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    terminal shipments

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    serving user population

Why Choose Us

  • Patents and Certificates

    We have patents ,CE, CB, RoHS, FCC, ETL, CARB, ISO 9001 and BSCI Certificates of our products.

  • Experience

    We have rich experience in OEM and ODM services.

  • Quality assurance

    100% mass production aging test, 100% material inspection, 100% functional tests.

  • Warranty services

    One-year warranty period and lifetime after-sales services

  • Support

    Regular technical information and technical training supports

Our News

  • Enjoy the supreme service without high fee!

    Recently, an APP for smart e-bikes have been complaint by consumers . They have bought the smart e-bikes and install the APP mentioned above in their phone and found that they need to pay the annual fee to enjoy the service. They can’t check the status of the e-bike in real time/positioning the l...

  • Rental e-bikes will be more and more popular in the future

    E-bikes are good tools for the riders in takeaway and express delivery, they can visit anywhere casually by them. Nowadays, the demand of the e-bikes has increased rapidly. Covid19 has damaged and changed our life and mobility, the people prefer shopping online at the same time. The riders have m...

  • The e-bikes will become more and more smart and provide supreme experience for the users

    The total amount of the owned e-bikes in China has reached 3 billion,the amount almost increased for 48 million every year. With the rapid and well development of the mobile phone and the 5G Internet, the e-bikes start to become more and more smart. Internet of smart e-bikes has attached much att...

  • Some rules about ride the sharing e-scooters in UK

    Since the beginning of this year, there have been more and more electric scooters (e-scooters) on the streets of the UK, and it has become a very popular means of transportation for young people. At the same time, some accidents have been happened. In order to improve this situation, the British ...

  • Wuhan TBIT Technology Co., Ltd has established successfully

    The opening ceremony of  Wuhan TBIT Technology Co., Ltd in Wuhan university science park in 28th,October,2021. The general manager–Mr.Ge, deputy general manager–Mr.Zhang, and related leaders have joined the ceremony to celebrate the Wuhan TBIT Technology Co., Ltd opened officially. I...

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Kakao Corp
" TBIT has provided customized solutions for us, which are useful,
practical and technical. Their professional team has help us to solve many problems
in the market. We are very satisfied with them.

Kakao Corp

" We cooperated with TBIT for several years, they're very professional
and high-effective. Besides, they have provide some useful advice
for us about the business.


Bolt Mobility
" I visited TBIT few years ago, it's a nice company
with a high level of technology.

Bolt Mobility

Yadea Group
" We have provided variety of vehicles for TBIT, help them to
provide mobility solutions for customers. Hundreds of merchant has run their
sharing mobility business successfully through us and TBIT.

Yadea Group