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    R & D experience in two-wheeled vehicles

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    terminal shipments

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    serving user population

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  • Patents and Certificates

    We have patents ,CE, CB, RoHS, FCC, ETL, CARB, ISO 9001 and BSCI Certificates of our products.

  • Experience

    We have rich experience in OEM and ODM services.

  • Quality assurance

    100% mass production aging test, 100% material inspection, 100% functional tests.

  • Warranty services

    One-year warranty period and lifetime after-sales services

  • Support

    Regular technical information and technical training supports

Our News

  • Civilized cycling for sharing,Build smart transportation

    Nowadays .When people need to travel .There are many modes of transportation to choose from, such as subway, car, bus, electric bikes , bicycle, scooter, etc.Those who have used the above means of transportation know that electric bikes have become the first choice for people to travel in short a...

  • How to enable the traditional e-bikes become smart

    SMART has become the keywords for the development of the current two-wheeled e-bikes industry, many traditional factories of e-bikes are gradually transform and upgrade the e-bikes to be smart. Most of them has optimized the design of the e-bikes and enrich its functions, try to makes their e-bik...

  • Traditional+Intelligence,Operation experience of new intelligent instrument panel——WP-101

    The total global sales of electric two wheeled vehicles will increase from 35.2 million in 2017 to 65.6 million in 2021,CAGR of 16.9%。In the future, major economies in the world will propose stricter emission reduction policies to promote the wide spread of green travel and improve the replacem...

  • AI technology enables the riders has civilized behavior during e-bike mobility

    With the rapid coverage of e-bike all over the world, some illegal behaviors has appeared, such as the riders ride the e-bike in a direction not allowed by traffic regulations/run a red light……Many countries adopt strict measures to punish the illegal behaviors.  (Image is from the I...

  • Discussion about the technology about the management of sharing e-bikes

    With the rapid development of cloud computing/Internet and big data technologies, the sharing economy has gradually become an emerging model in the context of technological revolution and industrial chain transformation. As an innovative model of the sharing economy, sharing e-bikes have been dev...

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Kakao Corp
" TBIT has provided customized solutions for us, which are useful,
practical and technical. Their professional team has help us to solve many problems
in the market. We are very satisfied with them.

Kakao Corp

" We cooperated with TBIT for several years, they're very professional
and high-effective. Besides, they have provide some useful advice
for us about the business.


Bolt Mobility
" I visited TBIT few years ago, it's a nice company
with a high level of technology.

Bolt Mobility

Yadea Group
" We have provided variety of vehicles for TBIT, help them to
provide mobility solutions for customers. Hundreds of merchant has run their
sharing mobility business successfully through us and TBIT.

Yadea Group